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21-22 january: Shaula3 transfer trip from Arenzano (where works have not started yet...) to Varazze, where we are given a berth at the central pontoon, the only one which is open so far.   A Mistral blow gives us its welcome!

february-march: damn cold, one night we even had 10cm of snow on all boats (and traffic throughout northern Italy was completely blocked!).   Inside, a simple electric fan-heater is enough to give a comfortable temperature!    There are frequent blows from NW which put quite some stress on the bow moorings, but at least the marina is free from any swell which was such a problem in Arenzano.

Shaula moored in Varazze MarinaSnow!

Shaula temporarily moored in Varazze                                           Snow at sea level in the Mediterranean!

11 march: taking advantage of a trip to Jesolo, we went to the "Cantieri di Aprilia Marittima" (near Lignano, northern Adriatic), and have booked a hard-stand place for next winter.

april-may: time is getting milder, we have also the opportunity of a short sail to test the new sails: there are a few, minor defects that the sailmaker will fix in no time.

june-july: heat is late, but when it comes the temperature is boiling hot!!   Luckily, works on-board are nearly finished and there is a little spare time to watch the soccer world championship matches (we won, quite unexpectedly!!!).  The departure date for the summer cruise is getting close!

july-september: we set sail for the summer cruise which will also serve as a transfer trip to the northern Adriatic, where Shaula will spend the next winter.
The full story is told on this page.

october-november: Shaula is on the ground in Cantieri di Aprilia, where we planned to just prepare her for winter, waiting for next spring to do the last few jobs before departure.

Things did not go as planned though, as two problems requested immediate action:
- during the last leg of our cruise, the engine leaked oil in the bilges!  Non a lot, but enough to require a professional's attention, and the verdict has been that we need to take the engine off the boat to replace the oil sump gasket!
Obviously, we will take advantage of this for a thorough check of the beast.
Could have been worse, anyway: the problem could have happened just after next year's departure!

Empty engine bay

Look ma, no engine!

- when the boat was lifted out and pressure-washed, the white antifouling we had applied last year has peeled randomly, exposing the underlying black paint!
We had to accept that drastic measures were needed to do a job well done, but the thing turned out to be not so easy, as the old antifouling was very thick and hard.
After several failed attempts, we finally managed to remove the old paint with an electric scaper, but this took until november: we then applied etch-primer, primer and a first coat of antifouling, and now Shaula shines as new!

Spotty antifoulingNew elastic joint

Spotty Antifouling!                                     New flexible joint 

december: with the engine out, we take the opportunity to pull the prop-shaft and have it shortened, to allow insertion of a flexible coupling which will hopefully cure the prop-shaft vibrations.
After that, works will come to a halt until after the Christmas holydays.



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