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It's still cold by mid-month when we begin working, beginning with the installation of the new prop-shaft and the replacement of the anchor chain, a job which is much easier with the boat out of the water.


The whole month is spent preparing the boat for launch: cleaning the topsides, applying new antifouling paint, installing the new propeller, a few minor repairs; in the meantime, we continue the work on the water tanks, installing new inspection hatches and painting the tank's interior.


We re-rig the boat after launch and then continue with the installation of new water distribution pipes and a foot-pump in the toilet, which was without one.    Unfortunately we also have to replace the electric pump which is feeding the shower at the stern, but apart from this the new water plant appears to be working OK, so we can enjoy a whopping 400lt of water storage.

A bit of maintenance to the anchor windlass, and the month is gone.


Now we can dismount the water plant that the first owner built to replace the one originally built by the yard (which we have just put back in service, after some modification), and after having thus freed a lot of space under the front bunks we have rearranged this space, creating room for the spare bower anchor and its rode, room for a couple of sails and quite some food-storage space.


Family ties prevent us from leaving now (and besides, everybody is out there in August!!), we are now planning a short cruise in september, hoping the weather will not deteriorate too quickly; in the meantime, some additional little jobs, such as the installation of a TV aerial (nearly useless because in the marina the TV reception is very bad, for some reason!).


The much-anticipated cruise turns out to be a small disaster, and after few days we are back in Jesolo Marina: we broke the mainsheet traveller's rail, the part needs replacing and this will take time as no shop has these thing in stock.   Furthermore, our rail is 30 years old and no longer manufactured, so we have to investigate carefully for a compatible replacement, keeping also an eye on the cost which is not negligible.

While waiting for delivery from the UK, we dismount the port-side compass, which has completely lost its damping liquid: we soon find out that the case has a large crack, once we fixed that and put new water-alcohol mixture in the bowl, the compass is like new!    For once, we have been spared the cost of a replacement.

At last, we receive the new mainsheet rail and car, and can proceed (very carefully) to install it: being different from the old one, we cannot just screw it to the old holes, but in the end the job is done and looking quite good, besides certainly being much stronger than before!


Some painting jobs, then we lift the boat out for the winter season: see you next year!



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