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During a typical one-month summer cruise there is no problem, but when you leave for several months or years also haircuts become a necessity, unless you plan on a Moitessier-like hairstyle!

Some crews were organised to perform haircuts on-board, but whilee this can be relatively simple for males, it's definitely another story for ladies' haircuts...

In Moorea, sporting a rather aggressive haircut done few days before in Papeete!

So, once in port another task on top of the other thousand was to look for a barber/hairdresser who we felt would perform a reasonably european-style haircut, not always easy!
Even tougher for the Ladies in the fleet, who were definitely little oriented towards making do with a crew-cut!

After some time, and a few rather "drastic" haircuts, we all discovered the "tourist" hairdressers could often be found in resorts or large shopping centres, solving the problem once and for all.

To give an idea, I list the "haircut-stopovers" of our voyage (about once a month, you'll notice):

- Gibraltar (barber shop)
- Antigua (unisex hairdresser in Nelson's Dockyard)
- Panama (shopping centre)
- Galapagos (barber shop)
- Tahiti (chinese barber shop)
- Vanuatu (unisex hairdresser)
- Mackay (shopping centre)
- Darwin (barber shop)
- Singapore (shopping centre)
- Phucket (barber shop in the marina)
- Gibuti (barber shop)
- Port Ghalib (resort)
- Creta (barber shop)



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