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The first "Shaula" was a Panda 28', built by Nordcantieri of Avigliana (Turin) on a project by Alan Buchanan.  A beautiful classic boat that we bought second-hand in 1973 and sailed together with my brother for a couple of seasons, cruising around Corsica and Sardinia.
A strong and safe boat, but very "wet", so we soon decided that we wanted something a little bit bigger.



In March 2012 I got an e-mail from Paolo, the son of the guy who bought Shaula from us back in 1975; he kindly sent me some photos of the boat, which has recently been thoroughly restored to her original beauty and is currently showing herself off in Porto Civitanova, on the Adriatic coast.
























Shaula Due was a Panda 31, still from Nordcantieri of Avigliana.   A somewhat odd-looking boat, influenced by the trends of the period (1975), it was built with very innovative mass-production processes which were unheard-of at the time in the leisure-yacht industry; very roomy for its overall dimensions, it was the first example of the modern mass-production yacht, affordable and spacious, but cheaply built and with modest sailing performances.

Shaula Due in the small marina of Capraia island during one of our last cruises: 30 years and still going strong!

Despite these shortcomings, especially in the first years we made some very nice cruises aboard Shaula Due, from Genoa westwards up to the Balearics and southwards to Tunisia and Malta, but then work commitments and the growing family forced us to limit ourselves to short cruises such as the Cote d'Azur or around Corsica and the northern shores of Sardinia.
The boat had aged in the meantime, and despite the many maintenance jobs, we did not trust her anymore for challenging voyages.









Our own retirement was approaching, and we started planning to replace the now-aging Shaula Due with a newer boat which we could trust to undertake some serious sailing, and in 2005 we bought Shaula3 and sold the old boat which is currently still in operation from its base in Mazara del Vallo (Sicily).


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