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After the Blue Water Rally, we really felt like we had enough of sea-life for a while, although it seems we cannot stay away from the sea, having travelled along the Norwegian fjords and later sailed to Antarctica by way of Cape Horn...

Ideas about what will follow are still very fuzzy: when we bought Shaula4 we wanted a smaller and less demanding boat than Shaula3, but nevertheless a boat capable of challenging voyages with the maximum security.    The idea was to perform extended cruises of the level of complexity that we would have found still feasible for us, and then sell the boat when age would have advised to stop.   Unfortunately 3 years have passed without having the possibility to sail seriously, and now that the boat would be ready we discover we lost the enthusiasm and the confidence in our physical prowess: the years are indeed passing, alas!

The result is that we do not know yet whether to keep the boat for a few more years, and in this case to do what, or sell it and devote ourselves to more traditional voyages.


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