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What, you are traveling in a sailboat just to be independent, and then you ask about resorts?

Well, yes, but only with moderation!...

With only rare exceptions, most resorts, expecially those in remote and less-frequented locations, are more than happy to offer their services also to passing visitors who do not stay in their premises; sometimes they even offer mooring buoys or pontoons, usually for a fee but also in exchange for frequenting their facilities (the restaurant, for example).

The Musket Cove resort, in the island of Mololo Lai Lai, Fiji, offers a pontoon to visiting yachts

Furthermore, expecially in areas without a tourism infrastructure, resorts may be the only way to get services like organised trips, diving trips, money exchange, maybe wi-fi, laundry, hairdresser or souvenir shop.   Obviously they expect you to spend money in their premises, like the restaurant (which may be a welcome change after one month on canned food!)


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