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 Shaula's Spares List






 Bactericide for watermaker                                               1 dose x week
 Filters and wash-up liquid for watermaker                                2 times x year
 Batteries for all on-board devices (make list)
 Rechargeable batteries (AA & AAA)
 Special batteries for on-board devices (make list)
 Bactericide additive for diesel tank                                     20ml at each refueling
 Oil and Fuel filters                                                     replace every 200 hours
 Engine oil (SAE 10W/40)                                                  1Kg/100 hrs + repl./200 hrs
 Inverter oil (autom.transmission oil ATF/DEXRON III)                     replace every season
 Oil x outboard fuel mixture
 Oil x outboard gearbox                                                   replace every season
 Lubricating oil for 4-stroke outboard                                    replace every 200 hrs
 Prop-shaft lubricating grease (Volvo part no. 828250)                    about 1 cm3 every 200 hrs
 Engine cooling liquid                                                    replace every 2 years
 Liquid for rudder lift-pump (glycol)                                     
 Oil for autopilot drive pump
 Black-waters treatment                                                   1 dose/wk
 Fresh-water potabilizer (without chlorine!)                              100ml/1000 litres
 Cleaning products (bilges, fenders, topsides and deck, sails)
 Oil-absorbent patches                                                    1 set/month
 Oilskin washing/reproofing products                                      2 sets/oilskin/year
 Set of Hull anodes                                                       replace every season
 Anodes for Maxprop propeller                                             replace every season
 Maxprop grease


Engine (Volvo Penta MD22L-B no: 5100705877 prod.no 868782)
 Volvo Penta special-tools Kit (check info in workshop manual)
 Alternator belt (Volvo part no. V3580835)                                replace every 2 years
 Water Pump belt (Volvo part no. V966912)                                 replace every 2 years
 Transmission belt (Volvo part no.859773)                                 replace every 2000 hrs
 Sea-water pump impeller (Volvo part no. V3862281)                        replace every 2 years
 Oil filter (Volvo part no. V3517857)                                     replace every 200 hrs
 Diesel-oil filter (Volvo part no. V3588378)                              replace every 200 hrs
 Prop-shaft stuffing box (Volvo part no.828422)                           replace every 5 years
 Brass gaskets and lamps kit (Volvo part no. 883967)
 55A engine fuse (Volvo part no. 856355)
 Diesel pump repair Kit (Volvo part no. 3582250)
 Pre-heating plugs
 Injector pipes
 Cooling circuit thermostat (Volvo part no. 6210419)
 Water-pump and thermostat gaskets Kit
 Valve-cover gasket
 Head-gasket Kit (Volvo part no. 876196)
 Touch-up kit (Volvo part no. 1141566)
 Starter Motor
 Propeller + nut + zincs (old 3-blade propeller)
 Diode bridge
 Alternator regulator

Outboard Motor (Tohatsu 3,5HP no: 35972)

 Water pump impeller
 Spare propeller
 Propeller sacrificial pins
 Spark plugs (NGK BP6-HS10 o BPR6-HS10 opp. CHAMPION L87YC o RL87YC)

Outboard Motor (Mercury 6HP no: 0P478689)
 Water pump impeller
 Spare propeller
 Propeller sacrificial pins
 Spark plugs (NGK DCPR6E)

Deck equipment

 Winch maintenence Kit (grease, springs, etc.)
 Mainsail cars maintenance Kit + spares (Facnor F10)
 Maintenance Kit for autopilot hydraulic actuator (Lecomble & Schmitt)
 Maintenance Kit for keel-lifting tackle
 Maintenance Kit for rudder lifting system
 Steering weel maintenance kit (Whitlock)
 Rudder shaft bearing
 Mainsail battens
 Spare Halyards and sheets
 General purpose blocks for emergency rigging
 Sacrificial diaphagms for rudder-lifting pump
 Ensign (50x70)
 Hull anodes (4x Osculati part no. 43.600.05 e 2x 43.920.02)


 Main power panel switches (ETA no. 3130-F150-P7T1-W12QR3-10A)
 Aerogen maintenance Kit (+ spare blades)
 Cabin-light switches
 Electric wiring, assorted sizes
 Fuses for all on-board devices (make list - mind internal fuses!)
 Anchor-windlass fuses (150A)
 Nav-light lamps
 Cabin lighting lamps


 Wind-transducer spare
 Log-transducer spare
 Spare GPS receiver (Raymarine Raystar)
 Empty C-Map cartridge
 Pre-programmed PC spare Hard-disk
 Spare PC power supply
 Small spare inverter
 12/24V DC converters (for 24V SSB radio)
 CD's for Sw installation
 Spare VHF aerial

Pumps, toilet

 Spare Kit for bilge/shower pumps (Jabsco 37202-2)
 Maintenance kit for RM69 sea-toilet
 Pump- and Base-Kit for RM69 toilet
 Maintenance Kit for fresh-water pump (Flojet R4405-143)
 Spare fresh-water (Flojet R4405-143)
 Maintenance Kit for manual bilge-pump (Plastimo)

Galley, fridge, gas

 Gas regulator (for outdoors use, with overflow valve and threaded connection)
 Gas pipe (with threaded connection)
 Spare anodes for refrigerator water pump (Isotherm ASU 4201K)
 Maintenance Kit for refrigerator water pump (or spare pump)
 Spares Kit for ENO oven (flame sensors, etc.)
 Lighter Gas refill
 Matches in sealed bag

Dinghy (Bombard Ax3 Aerotec + Zodiac Cadet Club FR)

 Spare oars and inflator
 Quick-repair tool


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