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Our voyage around the world has been successfully completed (read the story in the VOYAGES section) and, even before getting back to Italy, we found a buyer for Shaula3!

It all happened by accident: while in Corfu we met an italian skipper whom we had met during the circumnavigation, when he was crewing on an italian boat cruising with the World-ARC.   Now he was cruising with his own boat, and Danilo, one of his crewmembers, was interested to see our boat and hear our experience with it, because he was looking forward to buying an OVNI for his own planned long-distance voyages.

After few days, Danilo made a purchase offer for Shaula!   We soon reached an agreement, and we dropped Danilo in Brindisi with the promise to meet again in a couple of weeks' time to finalize the sale.

This meant skipping the planned trip along the Croatian coast, but after all we were tired and really longing to see home, so it was not a great loss!

We were sad to sell Shaula, but we knew that we would be home-bound and not able to sail away for at least a couple of years, and maintaining a large boat in the Med is really expensive.   We were also planning a few, more conventional, voyages, and that's what we actually did (if Cape North or Antarctica can be called "conventional", that is...).

NOTE (beginning 2014): In the meantime, Danilo has completed a rather unconventional Atlantic circuit going as far north as Greenland, and is leaving in a few months' time for another unusual route.    Follow the new adventures of Shaula3 with her new owner on his BLOG.


After last year's trip around the Norwegian coastline, this time we launch on an even less-conventional voyage, Antarctica!

An extraordinary voyage, which also gave us the opportunity to sail around Cape Horn and even to set foot on this legendary island.


Two years have gone by, but although we did allow ourselves quite a few very interesting voyages, we still feel nostalgia for the onboard life.   We are increasingly talking about buying a new boat, smaller but suitable for serious voyaging (for example, we would love going back to the Caribbean).

We know this is somewhat foolish, but you never know...


All plans have been put on the back-burner due to a long period of health problems for Gian: it took several months before doctors found what the problem was, and many more months before cures achieved a significant improvement, and by then the year was nearly come to an end!




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