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 Cape Horn





On 27th of November, 2014, Shaula3 doubled Cape Horn after a 7-month voyage.

Shaula3 approaching Cape Horn from the west

The story of the whole voyage is told by Danilo, the new owner of Shaula3 and the protagonist of this adventure recounted in the document SHAULA A CAPO HORN (in Italian, but it's mostly maps and photos, quite understandable) which is published in his blog.

Shaula3 moored in the "Yacht Club" of Puerto Williams (Chile), which we know very well, having been there back in 2010

We followed Danilo's adventure with some envy, although it's been no easy undertaking; he had to change plans concerning his return trip, initially planned to follow the Chilean Patagonia and then up to the Panama Canal to return into the Caribbean Sea and from there follow the US East Coast up to Greenland (where Danilo had been in a previous Atlantic Circuit).

Due to severe bad weather, he had to decide returning by way of the Magellan Canal to the east side of Southern America then up to the Caribbean and from there to the Azores via a southerly route that allowed him to escape from a nasty storm that caused deaths and damages further up north.

Good old Shaula3 is definitely building a respectable reputation!


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