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Why this name?

The number 3 is obvious: because this is the third boat in the series!
3, and not IIIrd, just to feel a bit different...

Why Shaula?   Because it's the name of a star, which for a boat is always a suitable choice, one of the brightest in the sky, and we liked the sound of it, after having discarded the too obvious ones ("Sirius", "Vega", "Polar star", "Southern Cross"....) and the ones too difficult to spell ("Zubenelgenubi" anyone??...).

Then, but this is really an explanation invented afterwards, Shaula is a star in the Scorpio constellation, under which sign several family members have been born.
By the way, the original arabic name is "el shaulah", the sting, obviously due to the star's position in the constellation.

I prefer to remember that Shaula has been for many years the bright star low on the horizon on our bow when we headed South at the beginning of our summer cruises.  I consider it to be a well-wishing name.


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