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 OVNI 385


Lifting Keel


Shaula3 is an OVNI 385 built in 2001, which we bought in France at the beginning of 2005.

The OVNI range (meaning UFO, in French) is not a conventional choice: built by the french yard Alubat, which since 30 years specializes in light-alloy boats, with a multi-chine hull and lifting keel, and a prominent portal over a very long stern scoop which is a sort of trademark of the range.

Still, connoisseurs will promptly recognize the features of a long-distance sailboat: extremely strong build, simple and over-dimensioned rig, conservative sail plan, classically rational interiors.

Built on order (the waiting list is in the range of one year), these boats are often customised to the specific Customer wishes (and buyers of these boats are typically people with a long experience and very clear - and very personal - ideas on how they want their boat to be).

Some figures:
- hull length 12.1m (and no, don't ask me why a 40-footer is called a 385...)
- length overall 12.6m
- beam 3.8m (a bit on the narrow side, by today's standards)
- draught 2.1m, reducing to 60cm with the keel up
- displacement 8.500Kg, of which 3.000 Kg ballast
- 84sqm sail surface (main + genoa)
- water tank 350 liters
- diesel tank 200 liters
- diesel engine 50HP


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