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We did it!   4 years after our return from the circumnavigation with Shaula3, sold immediately afterwards, and following some more conventional voyages, we surrendered to nostalgia for the on-board life and started looking around for a boat, less demanding than the previous one but still capable to cruise long-distance in comfort and safety.

Finally, we bought once more an aluminum, lifting-keel boat; rather old and in need of some major maintenance job, but afterwards we should be able to sail it in some pleasant cruises, before age will finally force us into a less challenging lifestyle!

For a boat dating back to 1985, the lines are still modern

After having searched in several Countries, we finally purchased the boat in Fiumicino (near Rome); aluminum hull and lifting-keel, just like its predecessor Shaula3, but in a very poor maintenance status, so our first priority has been to put the boat in shipshape condition to be able to tackle the nearly 1000-mile transfer to Jesolo, where we have our home and will complete the maintenance and refurbishing work.

"Project" Shaula4 then, because that's what it is: beginning with a hull in poor condition, fix it and equip it properly although sparingly.   And then, hopefully, sailing in it for some extended cruise!


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