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Unfortunately, time is passing...

It's been 10 years since we left for the circumnavigation, and although we are still reasonably fit, we are approaching 72 and we have to acknowledge a diminished physical efficiency which might become dangerous if faced with an emergency situation, the two of us alone.

When we purchased Shaula4 back in 2013, we were planning to enjoy "some years" of not-too-demanding extended cruises; now 4 years have gone by, and it was becoming time to put Shaula4 on the market, with the objective of achieving the sale within a couple of years.

Actually, after few months we found a buyer, and now Shaula4 has left Jesolo to reach its new base port.

Perhaps oddly, we are saddened by having sold, but we have to acknowledge that time is passing...

Just for the sake of curiosity, I'll leave on the web-site the description and inventory list of Shaula4.


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