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We were at the Beginning of 2004: Right, what were we planning to do??

The initial idea was simply to take advantage of our newly-retired status to enjoy extended summer cruises avoiding the more crowded summer months.

It was also time to replace our faithful but worn-out "Shaula due" with a newer, more comfortable boat, within the limits of a size that could be managed by a couple and not becoming too expensive to maintain properly.

While we were toying with the projects and were beginning to select our future boat, the idea to devote a couple of years to a more challenging voyage started creeping around, until we decided to try

a circumnavigation!

In these pages we will tell our story as it unfolded; in fact, a project like this requires a long preparation, both of the boat and of ourselves, as well as a series of practical, logistical problems to be sorted in advance; in our case we started looking seriously into the circumnavigation project and documenting ourselves back in 2004, bought our new boat "Shaula3" in 2005 and the departure took place in 2007 (and we kept wondering all the time if we would be ready on time!).

A decision that we debated at length has been whether or not joining an organized Rally, and we finally opted to sail with the "Blue Water Rally", hoping this would give us an additional contribution to ensure the success of our adventure.


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